Well Woman Exam—This is a general health checkup for women that occurs every year. Breast and pelvic exams along with pap smears are done. We explain a patient’s health status and how they can improve or maintain their health.


Problem visits—These are visits where we deal with different types of common and uncommon complaints. We deal with things as simple as family planning, to more complicated complaints of abnormal bleeding, fibroids, abdominal/pelvic pain and Menopausal issues.

Office procedures—These are procedures done in the office where the patient does not need to go into the OR. We do office hysteroscopy using the (ENDOSEE system), office endometrial biopsies, placing and removal of intrauterine devices / sub-dermal devices, biopsies of lesions in sensitive areas, treatment of genital warts and management of abnormal pap smears by doing colposcopies and or LEEPs.

Gynecology surgeries—Both open and minimally invasive gynecology surgeries can be done. Our aim is to do most of our surgeries laparoscopically but depending on the pt’s medical and surgical history, we might have to do some cases open. Women of African descent are at high risk of having numerous and enlarged fibroids upon diagnosis. Due to this, we encourage these subsets of women to seek early intervention and consultation about their fibroids.  Most fibroids can be removed laparoscopically, however if they are too enlarged then an open case might have to be considered.

Removal of genital warts

Warts can be removed by cutting, burning, or freezing.  Depending on how much time a patient has, warts are usually treated over 4-6 weeks unless its is only one lesion. Lesions have to be sent to pathology for confirmation that they are genital warts and not vulvar cancer, but after the confirmation, serial weekly cryofreezing can be done or destruction of the lesions can also be applied by TCA in the office on a weekly basis.

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“I do not have any pain, absolutely none, zero on the pain scale. I never thought I would get better. Back in December when my pain was at a peak all I could do was cry. You guys saved me, again. I have nothing but gratitude for my health and for the Caring Medical staff.”


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